Digital & Agile transformation consulting, coaching & training

Tacit is an independent consultancy that helps to sustainably transform organisations. Our focus is on people, because all organisations are made of people. We work closely with clients to create a bespoke and personalised approach.

We help to: join up people with specialist skills through communities of practice; build organisational and individual capability; create new supporting structures for successful delivery, and advise on all things digital and agile.

We do this through training, workshops, advice and longer consulting engagements.

Building successful communities of practice within organisations

Build sustainable communities of practice that support your organisation’s goals

Workshops & training that will accelerate your transformation

Accelerate your organisation’s Agile transformation with tailored training and focused workshops

Working with teams & individuals to embed agile ways of working

Transform your organisation through targeted agile coaching and development

Coaching & consulting for organisational transformation

Transform your organisation through targeted executive agile coaching and organisational development

“I’ve found working with Emily accelerates your learning, whether that’s as an individual, a team or an organisation. She’s an excellent Agile Coach, not only for delivery teams, but for other Agile Coaches. She has a keen sense of what’s necessary at a particular time to raise the team’s performance to the next level. Team members are motivated to do better, a sure sign of effective coaching. She’s one of the few Coaches I’ve worked with that understands how to transform teams and organisations to be self-reliant in Agile ways of working and thinking. Plus she has a great sense of humour!”

Colin Lyons Delivery Director, ustwo

Clients include

“Emily is one of the most effective, clearest thinking, positively challenging people I have worked with – in or out of government. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to deliver services. Absolutely top”

Liam Maxwell, CTO, HM Government
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