Buy tickets for the agile in the ether conference

You can buy your ticket for the Agile in the Ether conference here. Once you buy a ticket, you will be sent through an invite to the event. You’ll also receive updates about the conference timetable and other relevant conference info. Buying a ticket means you agree with the conference code of conduct.

One ticket, one person, one computer

The conference takes place over online using Zoom. Every participant needs a ticket to attend and each participant will need to dial in from a separate computer.

What you need to take part

  • a comfy spot to spend 5 hours (dialing in from home is best)
  • a computer you can install zoom on
  • decent internet connection to cope with a video call
  • a webcam and microphone so everyone can see and hear you
  • quiet space and headphones so you can hear everyone

The timetable

The conference will run from 10am – 3pm UTC (11am BST) (check your local time). You’ll need to be there for the whole thing. There will be a mix of speakers, breakout rooms and energisers with lots of breaks. Full timetable to be announced.

Buy your ticket

We are now full. You can join the waiting list to hear about any tickets that become available.
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