Tacit printables to buy or print at home

Community of practice posters

Want to tell people how awesome communiites of practice are? The Tacit community of practice posters will do that. You can buy your own lovely set now.

Advanced Sticky note handling poster

Ever wondered how the pros handle sticky notes? This poster gives you three essential tips to do just that. You can download the A3 poster to print at home.

The Team Onion

A model for collaborating beyond the agile teamĀ (a free ebook)

This short, free ebook describes the benefit of working in small teams and some of the challenges of working in large organisations. The Team Onion model is a way of helping collaboration between Agile teams and the rest of your organisation, to lead to successful delivery.

The Tacit community maturity model

Community of practice maturity matrix

The Community of Practice Maturity Model can help you identify what stage your community of practice is in its development and what you need to help move it towards becoming a self-sustaining community of practice.

The Tacit facilitation feedback tool

This tool will help make you and your peers better facilitators. It gives you a way to think about important aspects of facilitation and a way to frame feedback

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