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As well as hands-on agile coaching, Emily has written books related to areas that she works in. Find out more about them here

Building Successful Communities of Practice

Discover How Connecting People Makes Better Organisations

This practical book outlines the benefits of communities of practice including include: accelerating professional development; breaking down organisational silos; enabling knowledge sharing and management; building better practice; helping to hire and retain staff; and making people happier.

This book is your guide to creating your own successful community of practice.

Find out more about the book Building Successful Communities of Practice

The Agile Team Onion

A model for Agile teams in large organisations (a free ebook)

This short, free ebook describes the benefit of working in small teams and some of the challenges of working in large organisations. The Agile Team Onion model is a way of helping collaboration between Agile teams and the rest of your organisation, to lead to successful delivery.

Find out more about the book The Agile Team Onion