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Who is Tacit?

Tacit is Emily Webber, an Agile consultant and coach with a focus on organisational learning, coaching, training and staff development to help organisations be better.

About Emily Webber

Emily has been working with Agile teams for many years, she has a breadth of experience of delivery and agile transformation in both the private and public sectors.

She was the Head of Agile Delivery at Government Digital Service (GDS), where she built, developed and led an amazing team of ~40 Agile delivery professionals, she created the model for what professional learning communities look like through her work with the Agile Delivery community, was the Agile champion across GDS and across wider government. At GDS, she was also the Programme Delivery manager for Cabinet Office Technology transformation during the initiation, ensuring that the project was user needs focused and Agile.

She is always seeking opportunities to give back to the Agile community and co-founded Agile on the Bench; a meet-up in London and a one-day Agile conference and is often found speaking at Agile and Lean conferences and meet-ups.

She has a passion for vintage scooters and taking photos of London Shop Fronts.

More at: Linkedintwitter and Emily’s blog