Tacit tools and printouts

Community of practice tools and printouts

Community of practice posters

Show everyone how beneficial communities or practice are with this five poster set.

Community of practice review tool

Assess how effective your community of practice is with this five question survey.

Community of practice maturity model

Identify the maturity stage for your community of practice against the tacit model.

Community of practice kick-off canvas

The community of practice kick-off canvas helps get your community started by using a canvas framework to guide you through six questions.

Other agile and people-related tools and printouts

Facilitation feedback tool

This tool frames how to think about important elements of facilitation or order to provide useful feedback to others.

The Team Onion free eBook

A short, ebook describing the team onion model for communication and collaboration beyond the core team in large organisations.

Advanced Sticky note handling poster

Ever wondered how the pros handle sticky notes? This poster gives you three essential tips to do just that. You can download the A3 poster to print at home.

Links to other tools in other places

Links to other tools that we have been involved in creating

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