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Training and workshops

Training your staff will accelerate your organisation’s Agile transformation and help your staff take advantage of Agile tools and techniques. Tacit offers a range of existing courses tailored for your organisation or can create bespoke training designed around your specific needs. Courses are delivered by experienced trainer Emily Webber onsite at your organisation.

“Emily is fantastic and a great facilitator. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and really embodies what it is to be a skilled Delivery Manager / Agile coach. There was the right mix of listening, group discussion and practical exercises”

–  participant at the Department for Work and Pensions

Training Available

Existing courses that can be tailored include

Bespoke training covers all aspects of agile, facilitation, professional development and communities of practice.

“[Emily] was flexible and experienced enough to be able to tailor the pace of the event to the group’s needs, and did this without compromising on the key objectives/learning of the event. Emily was able to make it relevant and how it could be applied to what we do through her wider experience.”

– Participant at the Ministry of Justice

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