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Introduction to Agile

Learn the skills to start applying Agile techniques to your work straight away.

What is it?

An interactive two-day course for people new to Agile and wanting to learn how to benefit from using Agile tools and techniques. All courses use accelerated learning techniques to help the training last.

“Tacit provided an excellent agile training course, working closely with us to design the course material to meet our specific needs. Emily is an excellent facilitator and course lead, balancing engaging content with time for discussion, allowing new concepts and theory to really be understood.All attendees of the course got huge value from the course which they were able to take back to their jobs.”

– Helem Mott, Head of Delivery at Ministry of Justice


Who is it for?

Project managers, new Agile team members, people interested in learning more about Agile.

What will you learn?

The course will give participants an understanding of:

  • the Agile principles and how it is different from waterfall
  • the most popular frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup
  • how user stories differ from requirements and how to apply them
  • what an MVP is and how to start delivering value more quickly
  • what roles exist in Agile teams

This course can be adapted to your organisation’s needs.

“A worthwhile investment to attend any future courses as will help with an understanding of agile, how our ways of working could be improved by adopting agile principles where possible in order to provide a better service to our customers/ end users. In addition, it prompted me to remember the importance of building and maintaining an effective team and the environment in which you work and how part of my role is to ensure we get this right and continue to work at it.”

– Participant at the Ministry of Justice

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